What are the best features of orbital jigsaw machine?

It is sure that a machine can never make you satisfied if it is not well featured. For the curved cuts on practice board sheets, plywood sheets, softwood sheets, and some other materials, we need a portable power tool as a jigsaw.

According to the experts, the best rated jigsaw machine does not work well in order to have bent blades, and they cannot cut in curves. In spite of all, people use jigsaws for curve cuttings, and they increase the risk malignancy.

As a craftsman, I must suggest you to use an orbital jigsaw machine for round cutting. These machines are best for angle cutting, and no other machine is compatible with an orbital jigsaw.

The possibility of professional cutting would be complete when you have a versatile cutter like orbital jigsaw machine. My purpose for writing this informative article is only sharing some best features of orbital jigsaw machines. So let start!

Orbital Action:

A good quality jigsaw machine can move its jigsaw blade upward and backward in the orbital position. It acts into the work-piece as upswing and backswing on each stroke. In the orbital action, the blade moves elliptically and reduces its sharpness.

You may adjust the cutting angle of the orbital jigsaw machine for different work-pieces. All cuts of orbital jigsaw machines are smoother as compare to the ordinary action saw machines.

Adjustable Speeds:

A well-designed machine always offers you different working speeds always. The same thing will be applied to orbital jigsaws. Undoubtedly these machines are also designed with variable speed levels. You may easily adjust your cutting speed as per your desire; because each material requires different speeds.

As a metal sheet need low speed for accurate cutting while you may cut softwood sheet on fast speed.

Motor Power:

The best productivity of an orbital jigsaw machine is all depended on its motor. Often orbital jigsaw machines are designed with 6.5 amperes 7 amps motors. These motors are most reliable to use; if you have an orbital jigsaw with 5 amp motor, then do not prefer it for workshop use otherwise it is good for home use.

Depth of Cut:

You cannot cut deeply with a standard jigsaw machine, but only with orbital jigsaw machine. An orbital jigsaw machine can cut proper for the 2 inches depth on soft sheets while it 1/s inches on a metal sheet. I think for the bending and folding sheets, this cutting measurement is ideal.

Orbital settings:

Normally jigsaw machines have come with different speed levels while orbital jigsaw machines are designed with a dial to setup different orbital cutting levels. For example, no orbital level; it means your orbital machine will work as a simple jigsaw machine.

Further, you may also adjust orbit cutting styles by another orbit dial (that is normally given on the left side of orbital jigsaw machines).

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